Gold Vs. Silver – Pros, Cons, Maintenance, And General Prices

Gold versus silver jewelry– this can be a good discussion that won’t really end up with an obvious winner since both can be very good choices. Now, let’s take a further look on both and the different attributes that may be deemed important when deciding which to take.


Apart from the fact that gold is more expensive than silver, there are several other factors that may be important.


Most people find it easy to choose gold over silver because there are more solid designs available and the status symbol attached to it.

There is less allergic reaction to gold.

Gold can be easily maintained and regular maintenance doesn’t need to be done for gold. It can stay beautiful even with minimal cleaning.


Not everyone can wear gold. If you tend to have a darker skin complexion, then gold shouldn’t be a good choice for you.

There are several colors for outfits that don’t look good with gold jewelry. You need to wear colors that will look good with gold rather than not.


Easy maintenance can be done for gold. Since it doesn’t really tarnish, gold can be maintained with minimal cleaning. A little soap and water will do.

General Price

Gold will always be more expensive than silver. You can easily sell gold jewelry and make it a valuable investment for the future.


Silver can also be a good choice. Here are several attributes that you will have to remember when choosing silver over gold.


Silver is more affordable. You can easily buy silver pieces without spending half as much as you will spend for gold accessories.

Any outfit will look good with silver. You can use various colors because silver will be a fair much for any color you want.

Darker skin complexion will look good with silver as well.


More people are allergic to silver. Make sure that you aren’t allergic to the substance since it can easily cause itching and swelling to many.

There are many designs available for silver. Filigree is made with silver rather than gold.


Silver can easily tarnish without regular maintenance. You need to regularly clean your silver so that it doesn’t darken and blacken over excessive use and exposure to the elements.

General Price

Of course, silver will always be more affordable than gold. You can easily find silver accessories that don’t cost too much.