How To Care Of Silver Jewelry

Silver as a mineral reacts when exposed to chemicals. Like the gold, silver can turn dull and look tarnished when not properly taken care of. If your silver jewelry discolors over time, this does not necessarily mean that you got a fake silver jewelry.

There are actually ways to bring back the beauty and luster like it had before. But sometimes, too much defects on your jewelry will necessitate professional cleaning. Here are some ways to prevent your jewelry from tarnish.

1) Store your jewelry in proper places to minimize scratches. Store it in a small plastic bag, or in one of the compartments of your jewelry container. If you are collecting jewelries, then it would be best if you place your collection in a jewelry box to be sure that it is placed in a tarnish-free container. It will help maintain the luster and sparkle of your jewelry without having to place it in small plastic bags.

2) Do not keep your jewelries as mere collections. Wear your jewelries from time to time. Like many other things, including leather bags, the skin tears off when kept for years. In the case of silver jewelries, oxidation for a long time can cause reactions to occur, causing your silver to tarnish. Contrary to normal belief, exposure of your jewelries also helps in polishing.

3) Maintaining the brightness and shine of your jewelry doesn’t require professional cleaning. You can do the cleaning yourself. Often times, we think that brushing the jewelry can help get rid of the dust. But actually, this only worsens the condition. When cleaning your jewelry, you must use the appropriate polishing cloth. This will help remove oil, grease, and dust.

4) Don’t dip your silver jewelry in any type of solution or moisture, like lotions, soap, and cream. It will be harder for you to remove those from in betweens. And using a brush to remove the stain is not advisable.

Moreover, dipping your jewelry to cleaning solutions may seem to work at first. It may give you the sparkle you want. But actually, it doesn’t work that way. In the long run, it will give you an odd look to your silver jewelry.

5) You can also visit a jeweler once a year to make a yearly check on your jewelry. It’s a good way to prevent it from tarnish. Also, this can help you use your jewelry for heirloom purposes in the future.